CSO Educates Architectural Students

After a few years of having a ‘keynote speaker’ at the Indiana High-School Architecture Design Competition awards ceremony, the organization decided it would be more interesting to walk the students through a design problem, showing them how an architect would approach a design challenge. The problem was broken down into about 4 or 5 phases, from general to specific: site location/orientation, building massing, spatial arrangement, interior circulation, and final detailing.

During the event, CSO Senior Associate, Dan Brueggert, demonstrated how to quickly charrette each phase of the design process. The group presented this to the students and sketched out in real-time during the ceremony. Dan elaborated on the experience by noting, “You really see the light-bulbs go off in their heads when they realize how they could be approaching the design problem. Its also beneficial for them to see that each major aspect of the design problem can be explained and supported by a simple sketch, and that all together the rationale for solving these various parts of the problem becomes a ‘design concept’ – with a graphic and a bit of text or wording to accompany it. So in the end, its exposing the students to both the creation and the presentation of a design concept.”