CSO Mourns the Loss of Founding Partner Bill Schubert

On Saturday, February 29, 2016, the firm lost Bill Schubert, one of our founding partners. Bill was instrumental in building the foundation for the success CSO has experienced over the past fifty-five years and we extend our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

In 2001, CSO implemented the William C. Schubert “Employee Advocate and Citizenship Award”. Each year since then we have recognized one employee who has best exemplified the qualities for which Bill Schubert was so respected.  The following is the inscription on the Schubert Award:

CSO 2016-154

The “S” in CSO stands for William C. Schubert honored herein as one of the founding Principals of the firm. Bill served CSO from July 1, 1961 through October 20, 1989 and contributed significantly during and after his years of service. An architect by training and a graduate of the University of Illinois, Bill served the firm in the capacity of Architect, Project Manager, Principal, President, and Chairman.

It is often said that Bill truly respected and cared for each and every employee of CSO. His legacy in our community is truly one of honor, discipline, responsibility, and fairness, which gained him endless respect in the circles of design and construction. Based on his numerous years of dedication and service to CSO, Bill is hereby honored with: The William C. Schubert “Employee Advocate and Citizenship Award” given annually to the CSO employee who best exemplifies employee advocacy and good citizenship internally and externally as exemplified by Bill Schubert.

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