Plainfield Imagination Lab: An Innovative Learning Environment

When Plainfield Community School Corporation was alerted that their district no longer wanted to use the natatorium connected to Clarks Creek Elementary School, the corporation saw an opportunity to renovate this space to create a new student-centered, innovative learning environment– an Imagination Lab. CSO was recruited to guide and develop their vision for the new space.

The primary design objective of the Imagination Lab was to create an energetic environment that promotes collaboration and serves as a venue that encourages children to take risks and make mistakes. The space was designed to augment learning experiences for kindergarten through fifth-grade students and serves as an inspiration environment for children to get dirty, create things, play, and extend their learning in science from hands on experience.

The Imagination Lab provides a space for students to learn to solve problems and think creatively while making stop-action videos, growing vegetables, experimenting with slime, and more. Students get the opportunity to apply the skills they learn in a traditional classroom in a fun, project-based environment. In doing so, they learn to collaborate with each other, listen to each other’s ideas, and compromise when they disagree. These skills will help prepare them for the jobs of the future. This type of learning environment is an innovative alternative to the testing model that has been the focus of education for the past few decades.

IndyStar’s Tim Swarens recently visited the Imagination Lab. To learn more about his visit and how the Imagination Lab plays an important role in Plainfield’s efforts to teach students about the joy of learning, click here.