Understanding What an Architect Really Does – AIA Launches “Look Up” Campaign

Adweek February 12, 2015
According to a Harris Poll conducted last year, architecture is one of the highest-regarded professions in the United States, with a net prestige rating of 62. (Just for the record, real estate brokers are at the bottom of the barrel with a score of 27.) But thinking well of an architect and understanding what an architect does all day are two different things.

Nobody’s more aware of the difference than the American Institute of Architects. And in response to the paucity of public knowledge about the profession, the AIA decided to do something it’s never done in its 157 years: advertise.

The AIA is airing a 30-second spot created by the Purpose Institute (a unit of GSD&M in Austin), starting this past weekend through April 20. It’s part of a three-year marketing effort that will reach across traditional and social media, but the TV buy (against programs, including “Face the Nation,” “Meet the Press” and the PGA’s Pebble Beach tournament) is the highly visible kickoff.

“Architects appear in TV programs and movies, and it’s clear that the public admires architects, but there’s little comprehension of the real value they bring to contemporary culture and society,” AIA president Robert Ivy told Adweek. “The time is right to change the perception.”

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