Roche Diagnostics Lab and Office

This building strives to inspire and uplift scientists, and to express the corporation’s culture of advanced scientific innovation. The objective for the 55,569 square foot, 2-story building addition was to bring together five related product testing laboratories into one unified setting for increased productivity and effectiveness. In order to address workflow requirements, the design is sited as an addition on an existing building but it is essentially a freestanding two-story structure. The building addition includes open concept designs for a multi-functional and collaborative laboratory space as well as office space. The design solution employs a layering of the building from west to east and from top to bottom, to achieve the functional organization of program areas, with labs on the first floor, offices on the second floor, an interactive circulation atrium on the west side, a centrally-located Social Hub, and numerous meeting/collaboration areas distributed very strategically throughout. In addition, extensive interior glazing was utilized to facilitate the deep penetration of natural light and promote interaction.

Indianapolis, Indiana
55,569 SF