Lacy School of Business Building

The new building for the Lacy School of Business supports and communicates the school’s focus on innovation, experiential learning, and productive interaction between businesses and Butler University. The design provides innovative new spaces for experiential learning and includes relaxed classrooms where local professionals teach workplace-style classes; centers staffed by organizations that involve students in research and outreach; and workspaces where students develop their own business in concert with business experts from the region. These spaces and opportunities represent Butler’s competitive distinction from its peer institutions.

The core idea of the design is to convey that distinction by making these activities immediately visible and central to students’ experience. The design allows for visibility by creating transparent spaces that invite participation and are located centrally around the multi-story atrium at the heart of the building. In addition, the central, broad, open stairs and generous balconies encourage creative collisions as students, faculty, and visitors move and interact throughout the building.

The Innovation Commons, which open onto the central hub spaces, is equipped and furnished for students to start and run their own businesses as well as a range of other types of experiential learning. Its Centers, distributed around the ground floor, provide space where businesses, faculty and students work together to solve business challenges. Behind glass garage doors that open to connect to the Hub, they convey the importance and vitality of that work to the school and its guests.

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Butler University
Indianapolis, Indiana
Approx. 110,000 SF