Charles W. Brown Planetarium

The Planetarium is an addition to a 1967 reinforced concrete structure that includes a 52 foot steel dome. The highly technical nature of the equipment housed in the structure complicated the design of the dome, as soundproofing is of utmost importance in a planetarium space. The adjacent existing building had to be analyzed for the proposed loads created by the addition. The new 6,500 gross square foot addition is the largest planetarium in the State of Indiana seating approximately 140 people and housing a 52 foot dome. Grouted masonry walls combined with a cast-in-place concrete dome provide the necessary exterior sound barrier. Acoustically isolated interior walls, independent of the building shell, further isolate the theater from high frequency noise sources. The addition also included a lobby, equipment room, and mechanical and electrical support spaces.

Muncie, Indiana
Ball State University
Addition: 6,500 SF