Cummins Seymour Technical Center

The project is an 89,354 s.f. addition to the existing Seymour Engine Plant, and it includes a 67,200 s.f. new 2-story office building, a 4,000 s.f. kitchen & Dining facility and a new 5,700 s.f. entrance to the Engine Plant. The office addition is designed to uplift and inspire Cummins finest engineering minds, providing naturally lighted and highly flexible office environments with many types of interactive, technology-rich collaboration spaces. Throughout the interior, highly durable, “machine aesthetic” materials have been used to bring the “shop environment” into the office facility, with polished concrete, metal panels and exposed structural, mechanical and electrical systems. The office building’s exterior has been designed with an advanced “Engineered Skin,” incorporating an exterior daylighting and shading system. Each of the primary exterior facades (west, north and east) has been “purpose designed” to respond to their specific and unique solar orientations, like a “bespoke suit.”

Cummins, Inc.
Seymour, Indiana
89,354 SF