Dallara Technology Center

Italian automaker Dallara and its U.S. distributor, Indy Racing Experience, partnered with CSO in the design of a $7 million technology center in Speedway, Indiana. The main function of the facility is to house the design and assembly process for the next generation of chassis for the IndyCar series. In addition, the building will serve as the North American Headquarters for Dallara while also including assembly areas for the DW-12 safety cell and aero kits. There is also space for a truck bay and assembly for Indy Racing Experience. The glass front of the building that faces Speedway’s Main Street houses a rotating display of cars offering a unique fan experience for IndyCar lovers. The facility was sited to allow for future expansion that will house racing simulators.

Dillon Construction Group, Speedway, Indiana
Speedway, Indiana
102,400 SF
Number of Floors: 2