Dauch Alumni Center

The Dauch Alumni Center provides space for the Purdue Alumni Association and the University Development Office. The Center consolidates and centralizes Purdue’s fund-raising activities and has become a destination and gathering area for the Purdue Alumni Association’s 68,000 members. A central atrium, which connects the Alumni Association to the Development Office, houses the Purdue Hall of Fame which highlights the history of the University and the accomplishments of many distinguished Purdue alumni.

“The Alumni Center is a magnificent representation of Purdue’s past, present and future. Within these walls we tell a story – the story of our university and the enormous impact it has made in the lives of the students who have been educated here and the knowledge they use to transform the lives of others through their innovations, discoveries and determination.”

Mr. J. Todd Coleman
Executive Director
Purdue Alumni Association Purdue News, October 2004

Lafayette, Indiana
Purdue University
66,000 SF