Environmental Field Station

“…quite elegant. It is simple and clean.”
“…well thought out; there was no wasted motion”
“I have a hard time imagining how this project could be better.”
“The daylighting seems to be well worked out. It seems to be a sustainable idea that would be experienced by the people who visit”

Jurist’s Comments
Indiana Chapter of American Institute of Architects
Excellence in Architecture
Honor Award, 2006

This project includes a learning lab, 3 greenhouses, a project room, equipment and storage room, an exterior wash-down area, as well as necessary support spaces. The building has been designed to blend sensitively into the natural setting of the DePauw University Nature Park through the use of local, natural building materials. The building’s design also incorporates numerous sustainable (“green”) design strategies, including resource-efficient structural elements with recycled content, operable windows, and a building section that promotes cross ventilation and day lighting.

Indiana Chapter of American Institute of Architects Honor Award, 2006

Greencastle, Indiana
DePauw University
3,300 SF