Grace Hall Renovations

CSO has completed multiple award winning renovation projects in Grace Hall at University of Notre Dame. Grace Hall was originally built in 1969 as an 11-story residential hall, was later used for administrative purposes, and is slowly being completely renovated by the University.

The Office of Public Affairs and Communication was the build-out of the 5th floor of Grace to accommodate OPAC’s new office space. The challenge of this project was to find a way to take a retrofitted dormitory floor with a central elevator, low ceilings, and little daylight and turn it into an open, creative space that is visually appealing and provides efficient, effective office space. The design created a “front door” for the office that opened up the narrow hallway and provided visitors with a sense of arrival.

The Office of the Registrar project involved relocating the Registrar’s office from the Main Building to the 3rd floor of Grace Hall and allowed the university to achieve a more open, collaborative, student-focused space.

– Interior Design Excellence Runner Up Award

South Bend, Indiana
University of Notre Dame
Total for 3 projects: 34,470 SF
OPAC: 9,648 SF
Registrar: 10,200 SF SF