HealthNow New York

The HealthNow corporate headquarters and operations center, is a distinctive landmark building and marks the first significant change to the City’s skyline since 1996. The L-shaped building features a seven-story atrium that connects two office towers of six and eight stories. The design utilizes an 1859 stone façade to maintain historic preservation of the site’s past while incorporating a curved glass curtain wall to lend a progressive 21st century image to the building. More than half of the building materials were purchased within 500 miles of Buffalo: 95,000 sf of glass curtain wall; 16,000 sheets of drywall; 1,500 truckloads of concrete; and 2,500 tons of steel. The curtain wall not only offers magnificent views of Lake Erie, but its southern exposure provides a valuable component of the building’s sustainability features. The 9-acre parcel was the largest brownfield clean-up in the history of the Buffalo Niagara Region and the was the largest commercial development built in Buffalo in 35 years.

“The building is a shining gateway to a city filled with great architecture. Your team’s architectural vision and design execution have helped make this project a landmark success for Duke, HealthNow, and Buffalo.”
– Mr. Drew Sanders, Duke Realty, Vice President, National Development

Duke Realty, Indianapolis, Indiana
Buffalo, New York
468,000 SF
LEED NC v2.1 Silver