Allied Solutions Corporate Headquarters

For over thirty five years, Allied Solutions has crafted their expertise in the financial service industry as the nation’s largest provider of insurance solutions. Headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, Allied identified the need for a shift in its interior environment to reflect a greater company-wide cultural transformation. In order to guide and inspire this coalescence, Allied recruited CSO. The primary design objective was to create an energetic environment that promotes collaboration while paying homage to its deep roots and company values.

The interiors studio at CSO conducted extensive visioning sessions with focus groups from Allied, which armed the designers with the knowledge to make informed design decisions throughout the duration of the project. From these, CSO was able to establish the fundamental needs of the staff in order to encourage productivity and nurture future growth.

The space is holistic, with its interior design and equally as strong (but subtle) branding speaking volumes to the culture of the company. A grand staircase and open atrium, seen upon entering the reception, immediately deliver an environment of energy and collaboration. Allied’s “Blue Culture” can be found at every turn, from elevator lobbies and core walls to social hubs, through the use of echoed elements extracted from the company’s logo. Research and careful dissection of information from the visioning sessions allowed the designers the opportunity to carefully parallel Allied’s unique culture in its interior environment.

“When you ask employees what they want in a new space, they are limited to envisioning only the environments in which they have personally experienced. The Visioning exercise developed by CSO presents images and asks questions, which draw out attitudes and ideas that employees otherwise would not be able to voice when asked, “What do you want in your space?” This was a key part in the overall design strategy for Allied Solutions’ new headquarters, allowing our employees to voice their unique input for the company’s new space.”
Gordon Hall, Director Real Estate/Facilities
Allied Solutions, LLC

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Allied Solutions
Carmel, Indiana
108,000 SF