LDI, Ltd.

LDI, Ltd. is an Indianapolis-based company that has been providing innovative business solutions for over a century. Recognizing that an up-to-date work environment helps recruit top talent, LDI hired CSO to guide them through a cultural shift to energize the office. Their goal was to provide an environment that supports and encourages work throughout the office and encourages collaboration while respecting the history of the company.

The interior design team at CSO led visioning sessions to determine the project’s guiding principles and interviewed representatives from each department to determine staff, work-flow needs, growth and goals.

The interior design and branding pay tribute to the rich heritage of the company in subtle ways such as the incorporation of the “Lacy Knot” in the pattern of a suspended ceiling and a custom conference table. Additionally, the design included a new staircase to connect two floors. The stair features custom sculptural details to pay homage to the company’s history in the corrugated paper industry and milestone dates. There are a multitude of details that the design team was able to incorporate into the final design through careful research, in-depth visioning and interview sessions with the client.

LDI, Ltd. was featured on the Inside Indiana Business segment “Culture Matters” which highlights workplace culture and how office space has evolved and why. Click on the following link to check it out: Workplace Culture Special: Best Of Culture Matters

LDI, Ltd.
Indianapolis, Indiana
18,080 SF