Marriott Hall

CSO was retained by Purdue University to design a new facility to house the Department of Hospitality and Tourism. The facility is a teaching facility as well as a publicly accessible student dining venue. Adjacent to academic halls, both “quintessential Purdue style” dark red brick and tile roof buildings, the design of the new Marriott Hall recalls this character, but provides a more open and inviting, transparent façade on State Street. The interior features a two-story dining space with a “Grille”, John Purdue Room and Coffee and Bakery Kiosk around the periphery. These spaces are supported by the Teaching Kitchen which functions as a lab as well as the main kitchen preparation area for the facility. The “Demonstration Hall” is a lecture room with a kitchen that will be used to teach cooking classes.

• LEED New Construction Gold
• 2013 Interior Design Excellence Best of Category Award

“Marriott Hall has been designed with student success in mind,” said Christine Ladisch, inaugural dean of the College of Health and Human Sciences, where the hospitality and tourism management program is located. “This beautiful building is a perfect showcase and new home for our prominent, nationally ranked program in hospitality and tourism management.”

Richard Ghiselli, head of hospitality and tourism management, said: “This state-of-the-art building brings to our program one of the most comprehensive, innovative and user-friendly facilities in the nation. And it offers upgraded and updated dining options for the Purdue campus and Greater Lafayette community.”

West Lafayette, Indiana
Purdue University
35,000 SF