Southport High School

The Southport High School project includes additions and renovations to the academic portion of the building, and the addition of a Blended Learning Center for Juniors and Seniors. The goal of the renovations and additions is to overhaul the science program, enlarge and improve the cafeteria, improve building circulation, make the building more student centered, and improve the appeal of the facility and its programs so that it will be more competitive with neighboring high schools. CSO worked with the administration to carefully plan and phase the project to ensure that the students were safe and that effective teaching and learning could still take place throughout the construction process.

The administrative staff of the high school kept a laser focus on improving the teaching and learning environment. With the CSO team, they toured several facilities to clarify their vision for Southport High School. The end result is classrooms with daylight, openness and visibility, a media center that serves as a technological learning commons for students, and a large science lab that is shared by all of the science teachers and allows for a more effective and efficient operation of the science department. Barb Brouwer, principal of Southport, has stated that student behavior has changed and there is a new energy and vitality throughout both the students and the staff.

MSD of Perry Township
Indianapolis, Indiana
Addition: 29,092 SF
Renovation: 270,443 SF