The Commons

CSO in collaboration with Koetter Kim & Associates designed a new and improved Commons for Columbus, Indiana. The new Commons features ultra-clear insulated glass, with a variety of fritting patterns, to showcase the new indoor public activities within and provide greater energy efficiency. The multi-purpose performance and activity space is raised to a new second floor under the original building’s structure, adding a new stage over street front retail space below. The zigzag windows are acoustical as well as architectural, framing views down the main street. Escalators and stairs wrap around the existing “Chaos No. 1” motion sculpture to retain the indoor civic room and draw people to the second floor activities. The corner glass pavilion is skewed and sloped to retain a view of the corner courthouse tower and create a playful structure to house the new custom playground by Copley Wolff Design Group featuring the Luckey Climber, an interactive sculpture. Vegetated green roof on the new structure assist with making this a sustainable project, targeting LEED silver rating.

Pursuing LEED New Construction Silver

The City of Columbus, Columbus Redevelopment Commission
Columbus, Indiana
56,000 SF