Crown Point Bulldog Park

Bulldog Park is a multi-purpose event center that will include a two-story building comprised of offices and ample meeting space located at the south end of the property, and an outdoor amphitheater located at the north end of the property. The land between the building and outdoor amphitheater is designed to be a courtyard to serve various seasonal purposes and will include a water feature splash pad area for summer use and fire pits for the fall and winter seasons.

The outdoor amphitheater area will serve as a venue for various events such as concerts and theater performances, as well as a space for graduation ceremonies, city festivals and local farmers markets. This space will also be transformed into an Olympic-size ice rink. The ice rink is designed to be used at temperatures as high as 45 degrees without having to wait for the temperature to drop below 10 degrees for the weather to freeze the ice.

Bulldog Park, also dubbed the resource building, will house the city’s Special Events and Parks Department offices. Several meetings can be held within the building at the same time without disturbing one another due to the movable walls able to section off areas in the large open space. Additionally, each floor within the building will be comprised of a snack bar/kitchen area.

Bulldog Park will be primarily for community use and both the building as well as the outdoor space can be a civic center used by individuals of all ages.


Butler, Fairman & Seufert, Inc.
Crown Point, Indiana
Approx. 50,000 SF