Governor Mitch Daniels Barracks Complex

CSO, along with American Structurepoint, was retained by the Military Department of Indiana to design a new $28,000,000 Operational Readiness Training Center (ORTC) for Camp Atterbury. The center houses over 640 soldiers in a standard modified two-story design. The project includes billeting facilities in a barracks style configuration, as well as 2+2 sleeping quarters for the non-commissioned officers associated with each wing. A television lounge, internet café, laundry and latrine facilities are provided with each set of barracks. Two Bachelor Officer Quarters housing 80 soldiers in a semi-private 2+2 arrangement in each are part of the ORTC complex. Finally, a 30,000 square foot dining facility serving the complex is also included. The project is the first phase of a new complex just north of the existing Camp Atterbury campus that will eventually house 6000 soldiers.

Military Department of Indiana
Camp Atterbury - Edinburgh, Indiana