Imagination Lab

When Plainfield Community School Corporation decided that they no longer wanted to use the natatorium connected to Clarks Creek Elementary School, the corporation saw an opportunity to renovate the natatorium space to create a new student-centered, innovative learning environment– an Imagination Lab. CSO was hired to guide and develop the vision for this new space.

The primary design objective of the Imagination Lab is to create an energetic environment that promotes collaboration and serves as a venue to encourage children to take risks and make mistakes. The space is designed to augment learning experiences for kindergarten through fifth-grade students and will serve as an inspirational environment for children to create, play and extend their learning in science through hands-on activities. The theme is focused on introducing STEM education and encouraging the discovery of what students are passionate about.

The Imagination Lab includes flexible space, breakout space, an area devoted to chemistry and biochemistry experiments, a Green Room for students wanting to develop skills in video science, and designated space for a coding program for virtual and augment reality.

CSO conducted extensive visioning sessions for staff and board members to determine numerous aspects of the design from movable furniture to lighting. From these sessions CSO was able to establish the fundamental needs of the district in order to encourage and enhance productivity within the new space.

Plainfield Community School Corporation
Plainfield, Indiana