Walmart eCommerce Fulfillment Centers

CSO has been engaged on several of Walmart’s eCommerce fulfilment centers in multiple capacities.  These massive buildings are dedicated to fulfilling’s online orders. They are highly automated buildings requiring extensive coordination with multiple Walmart departments.  The buildings include automated shipping and receiving sorters, order consolidation sorters, pallet flow modules, manual and automated pack stations, and an extensive manual pick module.  Additionally, office space, breakrooms, training rooms, restroom facilities, and secure entrances are included to support the needs of the associates who work within the building.

CSO’s relationship with Walmart varies based upon the project delivery for the facility.  Our role includes:

    • Working with various Walmart departments to help establish building criteria in order to accommodate material handling
    • Planning for accommodations for the associates working in the building
    • Developing overall building plans that meet the specific needs of the project
    • Coordinating with a general contractor for Walmart owned projects
    • Coordinating with a developer for facilities leased by Walmart
    • Ensuring that delivery of the project is as expected to the end users.

CSO’s ongoing work with Walmart includes the following services:

    • Continual improvements and refinements of multiple distribution and fulfillment center prototypes
    • Architect of record for active distribution and fulfillment center projects
    • Tenant Architect for developer-delivered distribution and fulfillment center projects
    • Post-occupancy renovations across multiple fulfillment centers
    • Developing, documenting, and maintaining prototypical components utilized across new builds and renovations of distribution and fulfillment centers


At more than 70,000 square feet, the new Allstate office building houses multiple departments across the three levels of the building. The building design presents vertical precast concrete fins and deep horizontal curtainwall mullions which provide depth in the façade.  The entries are accentuated by a metal panel feature wall floating off of the main façade of the building as well as blue accents on the entry canopy and curtainwall system above.  A centralized, ornamental open staircase links all three floors to the sophisticated, terrazzo lobby in addition to providing natural light to the lower levels core areas via a skylight above.

Included in the design are lobby, reception, and security spaces; office and open office work space; conference and support space; a large break room; and a kitchenette. The office and open office work space was designed to be flexible and adaptable to enhance a collaborative environment and allow the expansion of current and future departments housed within.