Alan Tucker

As President of the firm, Alan focuses on meeting clients’ architectural and business goals while leading the firm’s overall strategic vision and operational approach.

With 30 years of experience in a wide range of project types, Alan has built a strong reputation for his ability to direct large, complex projects. He continues to serve project teams as Managing Principal, providing guidance and expertise with meticulous attention to detail. In addition to his client-focused responsibilities, Alan leads CSO’s business development efforts as well as the firm’s focus on continuous improvement. He is a strong advocate for implementing strategies and technology to support clients’ design aspirations.

After joining CSO in 1989, Alan has held various positions of leadership culminating with becoming President of the firm in 2007. He is NCARB-certified and has been involved with various community organizations including the ACE Mentor Board of Directors and the Boy Scouts Crossroads of America Board of Directors.

Jim Funk

With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, Jim provides leadership for K-12 education projects through his expertise with a wide variety of education-related projects.

Jim is easily approachable and well known for his ability to build rapport and trust with his clients and project stakeholders. Both in the studio and on project teams, Jim’s open, consistent communication and his excellent management skills enable him to guide clients, community stakeholders, and industry partners through the challenges associated with designing and delivering successful K-12 projects. He recognizes that each client is unique and every project is unique.

Jim’s knowledge and expertise in the ever-changing world of educational design has earned him the reputation of an industry leader in the design of next generation learning environments. Since joining the firm in 2006, Jim has made a significant contribution to the growth of CSO’s K-12 market sector, which led to him being named a Principal in 2012.

Aaron Haschel

Aaron’s ability to manage team-oriented, fast-paced projects has resulted in longstanding relationships with corporate, manufacturing, and logistics clients throughout the United States.

With over 25 years of experience, Aaron is extremely effective in achieving the goals of a project through innovative design solutions enhanced by his technical expertise and his commitment to efficient building design. He has significant experience working with diverse stakeholder groups including building owners, tenants, developers, and contractors. Aaron’s innate understanding of the role that each stakeholder plays in the project delivery ensures that the overarching goals for the project are achieved while remaining mindful of the needs of each member of the project team.

Since joining CSO in 1995, Aaron has served the firm in many capacities including providing firm-wide leadership for project production and document standards. He is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

Eric Knott

Eric leads CSO’s interior design initiatives across several market sectors.  With nearly 20 years of experience, his leadership has energized the firm’s focus on developing interior design solutions based on extensive user research.

Driven to develop unique and innovative design solutions, Eric has perfected a collaborative strategic visioning process. Through this process, he is able to establish tailored solutions reflective of the client’s goals for culture, work process, business strategies, environment and technology. He is an extremely talented designer that skillfully weaves innovation, functionality, corporate branding, and style into his projects.

Since joining the firm in 2007, Eric’s visionary approach to interior design has garnered recognition with multiple awards, and more importantly, created meaningful change for countless clients. His contributions to the firm resulted in him being named a Principal in 2016. Eric serves the community through his involvement in organizations such as United Way, The Milk Bank, and his church.

Jeff Olson

Jeff brings an extensive range of experience and perspective to his projects. As a team leader since 2004, he has a diverse architectural background with experience leading complex projects on both a local and a national level.

Jeff’s expertise is focused on Higher Education and K-12 partnerships, bringing a comprehensive, holistic design approach to each project, while encouraging and facilitating collaboration with stakeholders. Highly skilled at interpreting and facilitating client goals, he offers creative solutions to exceed expectations, both functionally and architecturally.

With emphasis on creating innovative and engaging environments for living and learning, he combines a high level of innovation with a transparent, interactive approach to project partnerships. Jeff is committed to creating architecture that is functional, sustainable and beautiful. Through partnerships and commitment to a diverse range of projects, Jeff has earned professional recognition and multiple design awards. In 2019 Jeff’s contributions to the firm led to him becoming a principal.

Randy Schumacher

For nearly 35 years, Randy’s career has been characterized by a passion for design. He is a highly accomplished, versatile designer and project manager who skillfully leads projects from conceptual design through completion.

Randy’s design portfolio is very diverse, with projects in all of CSO’s market sectors. His creativity and client-centered approach provides the opportunity for memorable designs, whether he is employing a highly innovative, modern solution or a rigorously traditional, timeless approach to building design.

Randy’s projects have received numerous design awards, including seven awards from the American Institute of Architects, as well as Building of the Year and Architect of the Year from NAIOP. He has contributed greatly to the firm since joining in 1989, which led to him becoming a Principal in 2006. Since 2012, Randy has been on the design team for the National Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial, planned for the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Dan Brueggert

Recognized for his inspired designs and commitment to innovation, Dan provides design leadership and project management expertise for projects in all of CSO’s market sectors.

Dan’s passion for design helps foster the firm’s design innovation, quality assurance, and serves as a driving force for developing an understanding of clients’ goals and vision. Dan is especially talented at conveying design solutions through hand-drawn sketches and renderings. His ability to couple his talent for illustration with digital modeling and presentation formats helps ensure that clients fully understand the design intent for their project.

As the President of Indiana Architectural Foundation, Dan plays a key role in supporting architectural education and awareness, while preserving Indiana’s architectural legacy. Prior to joining CSO in 2004, he was an adjunct professor of architecture for Ball State University. He continues to mentor young people through the AIA High School Architecture Competition. Dan became a Principal in 2020.

Joe Raper

Joe brings 40 years of experience in the design, bidding, and construction of highly complex projects, particularly governmental, public works, and public/private projects. With extensive expertise in all market sectors, he is also very well suited for unique projects.

A skilled architect, his ability to guide stakeholder consensus while diligently adhering to the client’s goals for scope, quality, and cost ensures the successful outcome of his projects. Joe’s technical knowledge, quality documentation, and vast project expertise are a great attribute to the firm. In recognition of Joe’s service as the Project Manager for the historic renovation of the Indiana State Capital Building, he was presented with a Sagamore of the Wabash, recognizing individuals for “their humanity in living, loyalty in friendship, wisdom in council, and inspiration in leadership”.

Joe joined CSO in 1997 and became a Principal in 2015. He is certified by National Council of Architectural Registration Boards and the Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center Anti-Terrorism Program.

Brent Hite

As an expert in the planning and design of future-focused learning environments and K-12 facilities, Brent is passionate about working with schools and communities to create places where kids can thrive.  He is recognized for his ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders, resulting in facilities that provide a sense of identity and place for the entire school community. Brent has played a key role in guiding many school districts through the process of reimagining their learning environments to create innovative spaces that address new models of instruction and needs of today’s learners.

Brent has significant experience as a Project Manager, overseeing all phases of design, documentation and construction for K-12 schools. He is a licensed architect in the state of Indiana and an active member of Association for Learning Environments (A4LE). After beginning his career out of state, Brent moved home to Indiana and joined CSO in 2017 bringing with him a passion for improving learning through design. His contributions to advancing CSO’s K-12 expertise led to him being named a Principal in 2022.

Brad Krohn

Brad is recognized for his ability to build strong relationships based on trust, timely service, and a history of successful performance. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Brad is adept at managing complex, multi-phase education projects.

In addition to providing project leadership, Brad plays a key role in directing the efforts of CSO’s Education Studio. His organizational skills and ability to communicate effectively are an asset to CSO and the clients he serves. Brad’s easy-going, affable demeanor guarantees a highly collaborative approach when interacting with clients and project stakeholders, as well as consultants and contractors. He is especially skilled at addressing budget constraints and complicated requirements to meet project needs and expectations.

Brad’s personable approach to client relations is predicated on his ability to amplify the voices of all team members, allowing the best ideas and design approaches to come to the forefront. He is a licensed architect in Indiana and is a member of the American Institute of Architects and Association for Learning Environments. Brad’s leadership skills and market-sector experience led to him being named a Principal in 2022.

Tracy Carfagna

As Director of Finance, Tracy manages all aspects of CSO’s financial business transactions. Her role includes developing and monitoring the administration of CSO’s financial goals relative to profitability, cost control, assisting with business plans, and revenue projections.

Tracy is intensely detail-oriented, highly organized, and possesses an affable demeanor that is highly effective when working closely with Project Managers and the Owners of the firm. Her accuracy and reliability, coupled with her skill at dissecting the firm’s finances, has greatly contributed to CSO’s long-term success.

Tracy joined CSO in 1996 and transitioned through various roles in the finance department.  With over 26 years of experience in accounting, she has become an essential and invaluable administrative leader and day-to-day resource for the firm, its employees and leadership. In 2020, Tracy was named a Principal.

Tim Jeffers

As the Director of Business Development and Community Relations, Tim manages outreach and public affairs functions for the firm. He also guides CSO’s philanthropic efforts.

A former Army Public Affairs Officer, Tim’s expertise includes sixteen years in state government. His knowledge of public policy and the legislative process provides unique insight and guidance for projects associated with governmental and public entities. His expertise is particularly valuable for projects involving master planning and developing public information and outreach efforts.

Tim has been with CSO since 2008 and was named a Principal in 2020. His significant community involvement includes service on the Indy Chamber Board of Directors and Business Advocacy Committee, CYO and Scecina High School Board of Directors, Samantha’s House & Van Foundation Board, Lutheran High School Booster Club, and over 30 years as Precinct Committeeman for the Marion County Democratic Party. He is a former Indiana Army National Guardsman and U.S. Army Reservist with service during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Laura Schellinger

As the Director of Marketing, Laura oversees the strategic communication of CSO’s corporate brand and culture through targeted proposal responses, internal and external communications, and marketing-related media and graphics.

Laura’s experience in the industry and her comprehensive understanding of the firm’s work, approach, and vision, allow her to effectively connect and collaborate with clients and industry partners, along with CSO’s design teams, in the pursuit of business opportunities. Her communication skills coupled with her eye for design and composition provides oversight and guidance for the marketing team with the goal of continually contributing to the firm’s evolution and success.

Laura originally joined the firm as an Interior Designer and she is an NCIDQ-certificate holder. Since 2004, she has supported CSO’s marketing and business development efforts, serving in various capacities. Laura has held her current position since 2012 and was named a Principal in 2020.